Lifetime Timber Tilt and Turn Windows

Inward opening tilt and turn windows can be tilted for effective ventilation and turned for ease of cleaning from the inside.
The large sash and glass sizes of this style enable flexibility in design and creation of screens with large glazed areas adding impact to any property.
Made from energy-efficient materials, they will also help to keep you warm and your heating bills low.

Contemporary or Traditional Tilt & Turn Window

  • When you are building a new property or refurbishing one that is perhaps only 40 years old there is nothing better than the latest tilt & turn inward opening windows. Tilting inwards for ventilation, these windows can be designed with four separate tilt positions.
    In the hot sun of July and August – or indeed whenever desired – they can be opened fully inwards allowing the maximum air-flow and, of course, the easiest of cleaning. “The best of both worlds” is a phrase that is sometimes over-used, but with these windows that is exactly what you get.

    Uw Value Range

    0.9 - 1.6 W/m²K

    Acoustic Range

    31 - 45dB

    Glazing Type

    Double Glazing or Triple Glazing

    Contemporary Mouldings

    Internal & External Pencil Round Mouldings

    Contemporary Bars

    16mm / 25mm / 35mm or 60mm
    Pencil Round Bars

    Traditional Mouldings

    Internal Ovolo Mouldings With
    External Putty Bead Design

    Traditional Bars

    16mm Lambs Tongue, 25mm /
    35mm & 48mm Ovolo Bars



  • Product Options

    Triple or acoustic glazing.
    Mock sash design for the imitation of a sash window.
    Fixed sashes for creating equal sight lines.
    Flying mullion for fire escape.
    Restrictors for additional safety.
    Trickle ventilation.
    Low level handles for Lifetime Homes.